How to Manage Databases with the Webadmin in Plesk?

Webadmin allows you to manage your MySQL or MS SQL database via your web browser, without the need to download & install a database management program.  Your Database Webadmin can be accessed via your Plesk control panel

When you click on the Webadmin icon (directions below), it will open phpMyAdmin in a new window

MS SQL (Microsoft SQL Server)
Webadmin for MS SQL is not available on Windows Shared hosting. A lite version can be requested for Windows Dedicated Servers by submitting a ticket to our Windows department. The full version can be installed on Windows Dedicated if you have a license from Plesk.

How to Access Webadmin:
  1. Click on "Website & Domains" icon
  2. Click on "Databases" icon
  3. Click a database name you want to Manage
  4. Click on the "Webadmin" icon

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