How to change the password of your cPanel account?

Change the password of your cPanel account:

There may be times where you would like to change the password of your account. It is recommended to change your password at least once a month. It is also recommended to have the password be alpha numeric so it is difficult to guess.

The steps to change your cPanel password are as follows:
  1. Login to the cPanel
  2. Click Change Password
  3. In the box to the right of Old Password, provide your old password.
  4. In the box to right of New Password, provide the new password. This password should contain uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and non-numeric symbols. (example. aB3#$f^&G*1)
  5. In the box to the right of New Password (again), provide the password once again for verification.
  6. DO NOT uncheck the box for "Allow MySQL password change". (This does not reset any passwords for your database users; rather, it keeps you able to login to phpMyAdmin via cPanel.)
  7. Click the Change your password button.

You have now just changed your password. Before you proceed, you will be prompted to log back into cPanel.

Requesting a New cPanel Password for cPanel:

If you have lost or forgotten your cPanel password, you can reset it by submitt ticket on

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