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WebSupporters has created a domain control panel which allows you access to add, edit and manage all of your WebSupporters domains from a single control panel at

To manage your WebSupporters domain:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to Domains.
  3. Click My Domains
  4. Under My Domains you will see your registered domains:
    • The domain's registration date
    • The Domains Next Due Date / Expiration date
    • Domain Status whether is pending, active or expired.
    • Whether or not the domain is set to automatically renew.
  5. When you click on a Manage Domain in the right side of the domain name, the Domain Overview window will open and show more details and options for the selected domain.
    • Information - This section is to status of domain name, Next Due Date, Payment Method of your domain name.
    • Auto-Renew - This section is to set the domain to either automatically renew, creating an invoice 10 days before it's expiration, or set the domain to cancel on the next renewal date. Any domain registered with WebSupporters will be set to automatically renew by default.
    • NameServers - This section is to edit the name servers which the domain will point to. There is also a drop-down box that will automatically point the domain to any active packages on the account. Please remember that name server changes can take upto 24 to 72 hours to update the DNS on Internet.
    • Registrar Lock - This section is to lock or unlock the domain, allowing it to be transferred to any other registrar. Any domain registered with WebSupporters will be locked by default.
    • AddonsThe following addons are available for your domains.
      • ID Protection - Protect your personal information and reduce the amount of spam to your inbox by enabling ID Protection. ( Now allowed for all Domains. )
      • DNS Host Record Management - External DNS Hosting can help speed up your website and improve availability with reduced redundancy.
      • Email Forwarding - Get emails forwarded to alternate email addresses of your choice so that you can monitor all from a single account.
    • Management Tools
      • Conact Information - This section is to edit the contact information for the domain.
      • Register Nameservers - You can register your nameservers here with the registery.

If you have any questions, or if you require further assistance, feel free to contact us via phone or live chat, and we will be happy to assist you!

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