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Connect to the MySQL Database in cPanel:

In order for your MySQL database to work as intended, it will need a script calling or querying the database for the information it stores. In order to do this, you must connect your script to the database with a configuration file.

Configuration Settings:

Database driven scripts, such as Wordpress, and Joomla, will generally have a default configuration file ready for you to edit with the appropriate information. Below you will find examples of what this access information will look like:
  • Host Name = localhost (literally input localhost)
  • Database Name = cPanelUsername_databaseName
  • Database Username = cPanelUsername_databaseUsername
  • Database Password = whatever you selected
While it is possible to connect to the database using your cPanel username and password, we NEVER recommend this. Every time you change or reset your cPanel password your databases will stop working until configuration files are updated.

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