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Change DNS Zones (MX, CNAME and A Records) in cPanel:

With cPanel, users are granted access to make some DNS changes from within the control panel. Please note that this effect will only work if WebSupporters's nameservers or private nameservers registered with WebSupporters IPs are being used.

  • Users can create and edit A and CNAME records by going to the Simple DNS Zone Editor which is found under the Domains section in cPanel.
  • Users can also create and edit MX records with the MX Entry icon found under the Mail section in cPanel. For more information, please see: Local, Backup and Remote Mail Exchanger
  • Users can easily customize SPF records using the Email Authentication icon under the Mail section in cPanel.
  • Users can also add TXT records using the Advanced DNS Zone Editor icon under the Domains section in cPanel.

Note: cPanel is not able to display any record ending with a comment. If you include a comment, cPanel indicates that there are no MX records and that it is defaulting to the main A record, but this is not true. While it is legitimate to have comments at the end of your records, cPanel will not understand.

If you would like help making DNS zone changes, please contact WebSupporters via phone or live chat; or submit a ticket to Support with your account details, and be prepared to verify your identity for the protection of your account.

DNS Zone Functions:

The following information will assist you in understanding the purpose of each DNS zone.

  • Nameservers assist in finding the server and correct DNS zone for a domain in order to get the information on the other DNS zone records.
  • NS records listed in the DNS zone must match the nameservers being used.
  • A records point the domain to an IP address (e.g. -> IP address).
  • CNAME records point subdomains to another domain name like www and mail. (e.g. ->
  • MX records control where emails are received. If the mail is to be hosted on another server, then the MX records are what need to be changed. (e.g. -> mail server).
  • TXT records are custom records which contain machine-readable data. TXT records must be formatted according to whichever technology you are trying to use.

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