How to Upload or Restore Database using Plesk Panel?

In Plesk, database dumps are created in the SQL format and saved as ZIP archives. If you need to create a dump in another format or to set custom settings for a dump, use the native functionality of database management tools (phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, or myLittleAdmin). For the instructions on how […]

How to create a email account in Plesk Panel?

Mail service enables Internet users to send email messages to each other. Plesk can function as your mail server. It also enables you to create email accounts and manage them, including performing a number of common email-related operations. Such operations include changing the password for a mail account, enabling automatic […]

How to create a Mysql or MSSQL database in Plesk Panel?

Databases are relational structures used for storing data. Databases are indispensable in modern web hosting, and most of the popular CMS requires a database to operate. Plesk supports MySQL and MSSQL database servers and enables you to add, remove and access databases, as well as manage database users. To create a […]

How To Add a Custom DNS Record in Plesk Control Panel?

DNS records serve to facilitate domain name translation and help visitors reach your website online. When a domain is created in Plesk, all the necessary DNS records are added automatically. However, Plesk also enables you to add custom DNS records, as explained below. To add a custom DNS record to […]

How to Update Domain WHOIS Information?

According to ICANN regulation, whenever a domain is registered, accurate information must be submitted along with that registration. Maintaining accurate WHOIS information can be vital to managing your domain. Be sure to provide a valid email address for your WHOIS as you will be required to verify your WHOIS information […]

How to Lock or Unlock a Domain Name?

Domain locking is how you control whether or not your domain can be moved to another registrar. Any domain you register with WebSupporters will automatically be set to a locked status, meaning that it cannot be moved from its current registrar. WebSupporters has created a new domain control panel which […]

How can I change the nameservers for my domain name?

Name servers essentially address for a server which you can use to point a domain to the desired server. If you registered a domain with a new hosting package, the domain should already be pointed to the proper WebSupporters server, but sometimes you may have incorrect name servers or need […]

How do I manage the domains I register from WebSupporters?

WebSupporters has created a domain control panel which allows you access to add, edit and manage all of your WebSupporters domains from a single control panel at To Manage the domains you registered from WebSupporters: Login to your Members dashboard. Left side menu Click on Domains. Under sub menu Click My Domains. Under My Domains you […]