How to Create an FTP Account in DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin has the ability to create additional FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) accounts within your user-level account. This may be required if you ever need to supply additional access to a developer or member of your staff, but don’t want to provide your direct access over SSH or to the DirectAdmin panel.

To create an FTP account  in DirectAdmin:

  1. Login to DirectAdmin using your current username and password.
  2. Once logged into DirectAdmin, click on the “FTP Management” located in the “Account Manager” section of DirectAdmin.
  3. Then Click on “Create FTP Account”.
  4. on  the next page  “Create FTP Account”  by filling in the fields,
  5. There are 4 options to select from:
    Domain: – FTP account with the root directory in the domains home directory (one up from the public_html )
    FTP account with the root directory in the domains public_ftp directory.
    User: –
    FTP account with the root directory as the user name in the public_html directory.
    Custom: –
    Please provide a custom directory in the field below.
  6. Then click the “CREATE” button. Be sure to use a very strong password.
  7.  Your FTP account is successfully created.

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