How to Create a Email Account in cPanel?

WebSupporters all web hosting packages have the ability to create email accounts as per the plan. Email accounts can be created by cPanel. To create a new email account you will need to log into your cPanel. To Create a New Email Account in cPanel: Login to cPanel using current username […]

How To Change Files and Directory Permissions in Plesk?

To set access permissions for a file or directory on Windows systems using Plesk: Login To Plesk Control Panel. Go to Files. locate the file or directory for which you want to set access permissions. Then click the arrow in the corresponding row, Then Click Change Permissions in the drop-down menu. Click on the appropriate User […]

How to Change your cPanel Password?

Your cPanel password can be reset from within the Members Area, or after logging into cPanel. In this guide, we will show you how to accomplish from cPanel. To Change your cPanel Password after logging into cPanel: Login to cPanel using current username and password. Click the “Password & Security” button in the Preferences section You […]

How To Login cPanel?

Once you have received your control panel username and password to your registered email address. Then you can login to your cPanel. Please take note that your login credentials are not the same as your WebSupporters Members Area username and password. You will need some information to login to cPanel. How […]

How to view website Disk Space usage Statistics in Plesk?

The Plesk statistics is a report in Plesk that calculates disk space, Mail Space, Database usage and traffic usage on a per domain and hosting account. To view website Disk Space usage Statistics reports in Plesk control panel. Please check following steps: Login To Plesk Control Panel. Go to Statistics. The […]

How To Backup or Download Database from Plesk?

In Plesk, database dumps are created in the SQL format and saved as ZIP archives. If you need to create a dump in another format or to set custom settings for a dump, use the native functionality of database management tools (phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, or myLittleAdmin). For instructions on how to […]

How to add or create subdomains in Plesk Control Panel?

If your Windows hosting package includes subdomains then you can create subdomains in Plesk. which are additional third-level domain names, you can create and use them to: Organize logically the structure of your site. Host additional websites or parts of a website on the same server without the need to […]